Trading Crypto has never been Easier


Full Protection

TokenHouse is running on a DEX technology which is safer than any other centralized platform

Secure Wallets

Using DEX platform wallets are completely isolated from the platform

Multiple Coins

Available For trading

All the coins listed on Birake network exchanges are openly shared between platforms

Low Fees

We only charge 0.15%

for buy and sell orders

Real Time Cryptocurrency Trading

Highly capable trading engine with user friendliness in mind


Time of the promotion Saturday 1st of June 00:00 UTC+2 - Sunday 30th of June 20:00 UTC+2

Prizes: 6 ETH given to top ten users who have generated the most trading volume in the given timeframe. Users can trade on any of the available markets.

Prizes are paid within 24 hours after the competition has ended.

Leaderboard is updated once a day.



Position:  Prize:

1.           1.5 ETH

2.           1 ETH

3.           0.8 ETH

4.           0.6 ETH

5.           0.5 ETH

6.           0.4 ETH

7.           0.3 ETH

8.           0.3 ETH

9.           0.3 ETH

10.         0.3 ETH


How do I create an account?

Go to the exchange website: and click "Open menu" on the upper right corner, then choose "Create account" and follow the instructions given there. It is vital that you put your generated password on a safe place and also write it down on paper. If you lose your password you lose your funds!

Is it safe to use

TokenHouse exchange?

TokenHouse is a decentralized exchange meaning users funds are not held on central servers, this increases the security drastically. All actions are taken to protect users and their funds.

Do I need to send id to start trading?

There is no need to send any id documents to start trading, however if you apply for coin listing there is a simple KYC procedure required.

I have a question who should I contact?

Please see "Contact" section for more info. You are also encouraged to join Discord to ask questions there.



TokenHouse Exchange